High-Sensitivity Smoke Alarms

Explore our 'High-Sensitivity Gas Monitoring Alarms' range, a key solution for Gas detection and leak monitors needs. Devices that detect and alert the presence of gas in an area, used for safety in environments where gas leaks may occur. These products are specifically designed for Gas detection, leak monitors, safety alarms, ensuring high performance and reliability. Ideal for professionals in various industries, they provide the necessary protection and functionality required for safe and efficient operations.

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    Safety Services, Inc Smoke Alarm Ionization Micro 0914E

    Smoke Alarm Ionization Micro 0914E

    Kidde Fyrnetics smoke alarm, low battery indicator, test button. For use in all rooms. This smoke alarm features an ionization sensor that protects best on fast flaming fires. Battery operated so that it is protecting even when the power is out. 9-volt...