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Ergonomic products are designed to improve comfort, reduce fatigue, and prevent injuries in the workplace. Wrist supports, back supports, knee pads, and other ergonomic products, are used by workers in office, manufacturing, and construction settings.

Wrist supports are designed to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist injuries by providing support and cushioning to the wrist. Worn while working at a computer or performing other tasks that require repetitive hand movements, wrist supports are available in a variety of styles, including wristbands, gloves, and splints, and can be adjusted for a custom fit.

Back supports are designed to help prevent back injuries and improve posture and comfort while sitting or standing. These supports include lumbar supports, backrests, and chair cushions, and can be adjusted for a custom fit.

Knee pads are designed to protect your knees from injury and to improve comfort while working on hard surfaces or in awkward positions. Knee pads are commonly used in construction and other industries where workers may be kneeling for extended periods of time.

It's important to use ergonomic products correctly to ensure that they are effective. This includes properly fitting the product and using it as intended. It's also important to regularly review and assess your workstation and to make any necessary adjustments to ensure that it is ergonomically correct.

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