3M PELTOR E-A-R buds Noise Isolating Headphones EARbud2600N, 10/CS

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Hearing protection that's music to your ears. MP3 player compatible. 82dB maximum playback volume limitation. Easy access volume control module.3M PELTOR EARbuds Noise Isolating Headphones help protect hearing while providing listening enjoyment to music, audiobooks, podcasts, or any other audio entertainment that can be played over a smartphone, MP3, iPod or any other similar device with a 3.5mm stereo audio jack.

(Audio device is not included with the purchase of this hearing protection system.)

These noise isolating earphones provide high quality stereo sound for a pleasant listening experience, and reduce the need to increase headphone volume to overcome outside noise. An easy-to-use volume control with audio limiting technology keeps the sound at or below 82 dB and allows volume control on the move.

EARbuds headphones are comfortable to wear, long lasting, and include two noise-reducing ear tip options. Audio muting option allows shutting off the sound with the touch of a button. Durable cable assemblies help ensure long life for the hearing protection system.

This hearing protection system includes two sound isolating ear tip options for a soft and flexible seal and greater comfort:

- 3M PELTOR UltraFit Replacement Tips, Gray, NRR 20 dB

- 3M PELTOR Skull Screws Replacement Tips, Gray, NRR 29 dB Ear tips are designed to fit comfortably in the ear and help keep headphones in place even during high activity.

The 3M UltraFit Ear tips have a triple-flange design and are washable and replaceable. Skull Screws ear tips are made of soft foam that conforms to the shape of the ear canal and are replaceable when the foam becomes dirty or damaged. Headphones provide high quality stereo sound for a pleasant listening experience, which may help to encourage and improve worker compliance for wearing required hearing protection on the job.

This hearing protection system is recommended for workers in noisy industrial areas where listening to personal audio is allowed.

10 per case

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