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D5850 Dustless 7" DustBuddie XP with 18" Hose
SSI Part # 12-0903
D5850 Dustless 7" DustBuddie XP with 18" Hose. The DustBuddie is a point-of-origin shroud built to capture all visible dust when grinding, sanding and cutting capturing up to 99% of the dust created by a hand grinder and fits most hand grinders. It rides on a spring cushion, keeping the grinder flat so that dust won't escape. A short brush skirt improves lateral motion for grinding on uneven or textured surfaces. Made of durable, black glass-filled nylon. Fits most hand grinders, including Makita, Bosch, Dealt, and more. The integrated, universal adaptor fits most hand grinders and installation is very quick and easy. Three adjustable spring screws control the height of the DustBuddie so you can quickly accommodate different grinding wheels and discs, and the front lip slides out so you can use it against a wall. Available replaceable brushes keep replacement costs down after wear. Designed to be used with the Wet Dry Dustless Vac, the DustBuddie. Complies with EPA regulations covering lead paint removal when used with a HEPA certified vacuum. Fits most 7-inch to 9-Inch angle grinders. Fits collars 2.1-inch down to 1.3-inch. Sliding front edge of shroud for grinding close to a wall or edge. Patented floating head design. Replaceable brush skirt improves dust collection. Complies with OSHA silica laws and EPA regulations for point-of-origin dust containment. Includes: (1) 7” DustBuddie XP, (1) 18” Adapter Hose, (3) Spacing Washers and (1) Releasable Tie.
$106.91 Each
In Stock


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