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701097 IRONguard ForkliftSpotter Safe Zone Kit with Front, Sides andRear System 360 degree Safe Zone.
SSI Part # 12-0016
701097 IRONguard's ForkliftSpotter Safe Zone can prevent potentiallylethal collision accidents. This 360 degree Safe Zone provides a visual alert around the ENTIRE forklist, making it immediately clear to pedestrians, the safe distance to keep from the forklist. Front Spotter emits a bright WHITE light in front of forklift. The Forklift side spotters (2) emit a RED beam to the floor on either side of the forklift.By staying outside of this perimeter, pedestrials will avoid foot injury and collision from rear end swing. The Rear Beam Spotter projectsbright BLUE beam of light onto the floor behind the forklift alertingpedestrians of the oncoming vehicle well in advance. The Forklift RearSpotter is especially useful at blind intersections and rack aisles.Because the light moves with the forklift, onlookers are easilywarned of the vehicle moving in their direction.
$553.59 Each

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