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701095 IRONguard ForkliftSpotter Safe Zone Rear Spotter Blue LED
SSI Part # 12-0014
701095 IRONguard ForkliftSpotter can prevent potentially lethal accidents. Collisions between man and machine can be catastrophic. Pedestrians in facilities with forklists are in danger when using hearing protection, distracted by mobile device use AND in poorly lit workplaces.The Forklift Rear Spotter projects a bright blue beam of light onto the floor behind the forklift alerting pedestrians of the oncoming vehicle well in advance. The Forklist Rear Spotter is especially useful atblind intersections and rack aisles. Because the light moves with theforklift onlookers are easily warned of the vehicle moving in theirdirection. LED 50,000 hours. Blue Spot Light. Polycarbonate Lens. RoHS,CE & IP68 Compliant. 10-80 VDC Voltage. Amperage 72 Amps. 5.61"Width4.72" Height 3.54"Depth. Weight 2.0lb Packaged 5"Wx6"Hx4"D Cable Length 14". Mounting Style Bracket/Bolt with 360 degree Swivel or UniversalBracket Kit Option.
$116.69 Each

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