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701094 IRONguard Forklift Spotter Safe Zone Side Spotter Red LEDSOLD BY THE EACH. 2 Each Required for a Complete System.
SSI Part # 12-0012
701094 IRONguard ForkliftSpotter can prevent potentially lethal accidents. Collisions between man and machine can be catastrophic. Pedestrians in facilities with forklists are in danger when using hearing protection, distracted by mobile device use AND in poorly lit workplaces.The Forklift Side Spotter emits a red beam to the floor on either sideof the forklift. This red glow is a visual indicator of the safe distance pedestrials should keep between themselves and the forklift. By staying outside of this perimeter, pedestrians will avoid foot injury and collision from rear end swing. LED 100,000 hours. Red Spot light rated 1200 Lumens. Polycarbonate Lens. IP67 Compliant. 9-64 VDC Voltage.7.85" Width 2.66"Height 3.56" Weight. Packaged is 22.05"Wx14.96"Hx9.45D. Weight 1.57lb. Cable Length 22".SOLD BY THE EACH. 2 Each Required for a Complete System.
$183.37 Each
In Stock


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