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16028-NSWB-7 28'' Orange TrafFix Enviro-Cone, Black Base. 7 lb. weight
SSI Part # 11-0100356
16028-NSWB-7 28'' Orange TrafFix Enviro-Cone, Black Base. lb. weight. The MUTCD Compliant Enviro-Cone is 80% recycled by weight and can be recycled again if the cone is destroyed. Reorder the stem and reuse the base, no need to buy the entire cone! With more than 50% of the Enviro-Cone being made of recycled materials, it qualifies for Green Points. Manufactured from low density polyethylene, for superior cold weather performance down to -40F. and up to 180F heat for increased life span. Excellent color retention using UV Stabilizers and low density polyethylene plastic. Easy Grip Groove handle which also makes tying off caution tape quick and easy. 80% of the weight of the Enviro-Cone is in the base making it more stable. Base dimensions: 15 ‘‘ x 15 ‘‘ . Cone base is removable, so the stem can be replaced. Base locks onto the stem with molded-in locking lugs on the stem. Traffic Safety Cone.
$11.39 Each
In Stock


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