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Sqwincher Sqweeze 3 oz. Electrolyte Freezer Pops Assorted: Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Mixed Berry, Cherry, Grape, Orange. 150/cs
SSI Part # 10-91845
Sqwincher Sqweeze 3 oz. Freezer Pops. 10 pops/pack, 15 packs/case. 150 pops/case. Sqwincher Sqweeze Freezer Pops, Assorted: Cherry, Grape, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Mixed Berry. Electrolyte Fortified Freezer Pops. Freeze It & Sqweeze It ! The great taste and performance of Sqwincher, available in a tasty frozen treat. Reduce core body temperature with Sqwincher's scientifically developed formulation that is absorbed into the body at a significantly faster rate than water, allowing the body to replenish the electrolytes and minerals needed for proper re-hydration. The rate of absorption of Sqwincher as compared with water is 98% faster in the first minute. With approximately half the sodium and twice the potassium as most sports drinks used in industry, Sqwincher is the one that conquers heat stress. Next time you reach for frozen refreshment, don’t just settle for mere flavored ice, protect the body from heat stress and fatigue while enjoying the great taste of Sqwincher Sqweeze electrolyte replenishing freezer pops!
$38.23 Case
In Stock